Overview of the Indibet site



This review will tell you about the positives and advantages of Indibet online casino. Indibet has two lines of business: betting services and online casinos. Indibet is organised in such a way that all lovers of various entertainments can find something to their liking. Today, we will tell you about the most important advantages, the design, the function, all the options and the bonuses. Study each section carefully, if you still have questions, you can ask them in the comments or to Indibet technical support. 

The website and the bookmaker’s office itself were established in 2018. The site has been gaining popularity among people in India for the past 4 years. 

Over time, Indibet’s orientation towards an Indian audience became apparent. 

In 4 years, cricket betting has become the most popular form of entertainment. Indibet also supports other sports popular in India. If you haven’t tried playing and betting on Indibet yet you should start and get the welcome bonus. 

Read about how to register, log in and get a bonus for doing so in our review. All of the services that it provides, is it. These terms and conditions allow for sports, online streaming, virtual sports to your liking.

Indibet website design. 

You need to know the Indibet website and its interface in order to distinguish the official site from the fake one. Also, in order to evaluate the application for consistency with the official resource. The official resource home page offers you several kinds of menus that concentrate important information. You can adapt the interface and sort the content to your liking.

The design of the website is in the colours of the logo: 
  • white, 
  • black colour 
  • and blue. 

These are the company’s signature colours that distinguish it from the rest. The background is monochrome and the brightest keys are in blue. The design of the rest of the website pages as well as the app is fully in line with the Indibet brand. 

Sports betting on the Indibet website.

If you would like to bet on sports you will need to complete the following steps: 

  1. go to the official Indibet website, 
  2. sign in to your account, 
  3. menu, select the «sports» section, 
  4. choose a category of entertainment.

You can then place your bets. There are a huge number of sports in the sports section: football, basketball, volleyball, handball and boxing. 

When you enter the sports menu, you must first define the sport and then select the match you wish to bet on. A table showing the matches currently being played will be displayed in front of you. As well as the bets and the odds. The possibility of online statistics sets Indibet apart from its competitors. 

You can see in real time how the odds change during the game. In order to place a bet, you need not just luck, but also objective knowledge. You have to understand the rules and patterns of the game. It is required to study the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents, as well as the match conditions. When you have analysed all the elements, you can make an informed decision about the outcome of the match. You can also predict one of the events in the match and bet on it as well. We will explain more about the variety of bets in the «multi betting» section. 

Cricket betting. 

Is a popular game in India. It originated centuries ago in Britain. As British culture spread around the world, it took root in India. Today, it is a very popular game whose rules are known to all. Cockett is known for its vibrancy and dynamism. It is distinguished from other games by its speed of reaction and adrenaline. 

It is a game that involves a ball. India has a national cricket team. Therefore, some of the matches you will be betting on will be played in an Indian format. For example, the Indian premier league is. 

Indibet is one of the few that targets the Indian public and gives them such opportunities. 

In order to place a cricket bet, you need to follow the instructions: log into your account on the official page, you can also log in via the app. 

Once you have logged in, click on the ‘sports’ tab. From the ‘sports’ tab, select cricket from the menu that opens. 

By clicking on the arrow next to the word «cricket» you will be shown the matches on which you can place your bets. This way you become a participant in the game and place a bet. Place your bets and join the Indibet online movement.

Multi sports betting. 

A sporting event can end in more than just a win for one team. Different situations can happen during a match. 

If you are able to assess the teams and predict how the game will be played. 

If you are able to predict certain events. For example, such as: 

  • the withdrawal of a substitute player, an outsider, 
  • a goal in a particular minute, 
  • a red card and a penalty and so on. 

You can bet on a given event. So you are entitled to place several different bets on different events during the same match. This way you split your money and increase your chances of winning. 

This option sets the Indibet website apart from the competition. and is a significant advantage. However, it should be noted that multi betting is available to users who are well versed in a particular sport. 

They can also predict the course of a match. This requires knowledge.

Online casinos on the Indibet website. 

The traditional online casino is still in demand. 

And the Indibet page provides online casino gaming to all customers. Thus, Indibet covers the gambling entertainment needs of all users. 

Online casinos have several categories: 
  • live casino, 
  • card games, 
  • board games, 
  • roulette, 
  • slot machines. 

You can also find other activities in addition to the rest in parallel. Read more about each entertainment. Online casino — This is a great chance to be in touch with the real dealer. A live casino involves being able to communicate with the dealer in real time. 

You should select a game by clicking on the ‘live casino’ tab. When you click on it, you will be given access to a video feed of the gaming space. The betting will be taken by a live person online. You can also even ask certain questions of the dealer. 

As you can imagine, you get the impression of being fully present in the gaming room. This is especially appreciated by people who don’t want to spend time travelling to the casino. The dealers at Indibet’s live casino are usually guys and boys, usually dressed in traditional clothes. That also keeps the atmosphere pleasant. 

Roulette on the Indibet website.

Roulette is also one of the traditional pastimes. Roulette has its roots in the 19th century. Visually, it looks like a spinning wheel divided into sections. Traditionally there are more than 70 sections, and traditionally they have two colours: black and red. These are alternated and signed in order. There is also an extra section in green to represent zero. You can bet on any colour, any number or a range of numbers during the game. The essence of the game is that the roulette wheel rotates. At this moment there is a game bone on it. Correspondingly, the game bone also rotates, and at the moment when the wheel stops, it falls into one of the cells. The cell into which it has fallen is the result of the game. If you made a bet and it coincided with the cell where the die fell, then you have won. 

Card games. 

Card games are popular all over the world. They are so popular that they are banned in some states. However, some countries even have their own traditional card games. India has also not been left out and has its own traditional card games. Over the course of the existence of such entertainment, certain genres and types of card games have developed. They are known all over the world. And online casino mode has made it possible to spread their rules everywhere. These are generally: blackjack, baccarat, andar bahar, 21 and so on. 

If you are unfamiliar with one of these games But would like to give it a try, learn the rules of the game. You can find the rules on the Indibet website as well as on the internet. You will then be able to understand what is happening on the playing field. 

Slot machines on the Indibet website. 

Indibet, because it is a licensed gaming service provider, uses quality software. The software is provided by top game industry developers. Thus you have access to the most popular and up-to-date slots. A slot is the virtual counterpart of a slot machine. Slot machines originated a few centuries ago and had the image of a mechanical machine. Although the principle of operation is approximately similar to the prototype. The essence of the slot is that your winnings depend only on luck. You have to activate the slot and observe how it works. The final value the slot shows is the result of the game. There is no way you can play the game, as it is controlled by a random number generator. If you like to watch the game and want to participate in it, we recommend that you check out the table games.

Live streaming on the Indibet website.

Indibet is one of the providers of live entertainment services. The live streaming proves to be a pleasant solution for true sports fans. You can watch live sport events while betting on them at the same time. And at the same time you can place your bets. We have already written about how to place bets above. In live broadcast mode, you can make both pre-match bets and bets on certain events during the match. In order to watch the live broadcast, you will need a good Internet connection. You also need a screen resolution on your device which is good enough for you to follow what is happening on the field of play.

Cybersport on the Indibet website. 

Cyber sports are winning more and more hearts of online casino users every day. Cyber-sports is a great pastime that has already become the most popular sport in many countries. More than a hundred nations have national cybersports teams. Indibet has stayed away and offers its users the opportunity to bet on cyber sports. If you are a fan of virtual computer games, then betting on eSports is what you need. Cyber sports today is the game of the modern man. Today, virtual entertainment has reached such a quality that they can be considered works of art. Stunning graphics by game designers, great music, incredible scenarios and other solutions. The variability of the action is capable of boggling the mind of any user. For this reason it is necessary to have an analytical mind, to think strategically and to be skilled in navigating new spaces in order to play cyber sports. The game of eSports is played by using a joystick. Hence, you need the skill to control the joystick. Try watching the cyber sport matches and you will see how exciting and fabulous it is.

Register of a personal account on the Indibet website.

Indibet will then allow you to make financial transactions. Making a deposit and withdrawing winnings means cash flow. In order for this procedure to take place legally, you need to create a personal account with credentials. Also verification of the account. In this way the system limits fraudulent activities on the site. And it provides an opportunity to dispose of money only to real players. It does not take long to create a personal account. 

In order to create one, you need to follow the prompts: 

  • go to the official Indibet website, 
  • find the «register» button. 

(It is usually located on the top right-hand corner and differs in colour from the overall design). 

Once you activate this button, a questionnaire will open in front of you. 

The questionnaire will contain the following fields to be completed: 

  1. name, 
  2. surname, 
  3. phone number code, 
  4. phone number, 
  5. password, 
  6. repeating the password, 
  7. promo code, 
  8. email, 
  9. choice of currency, 
  10. SMS confirmation. 

You must fill in all the items of information that belong to you. This form should not be completed incorrectly. The information must be correct and belong to you. You can enter any name you like, but it should preferably be your own name. The telephone number must be entered without a code. 

As the code will be automatically detected by the system. Note that the Indibet website will determine your location by itself. It will automatically select the country code of the mobile operator based on this. If you notice that the code is incorrect, check your computer. 

You may have a VPN enabled or have changed your proxy settings. When you have verified that the country code matches your country, you can enter your phone number in the next questionnaire window. 

Underneath you will see a confirmation SMS box. When you have filled in all your account information, an SMS confirmation will be sent to your phone number. In this way you will confirm that the phone number belongs to you. Enter the SMS details in the form field. 

The choice of currency on the website.

The same goes for the payment system password is a responsible procedure. The Indibet website system prompts you to come up with a password containing between 6 and 32 characters. The system also recommends using letters, numbers and symbols. You can vary the size of the letters, e.g. using upper and lower case letters. The password must then be repeated in the next questionnaire window to confirm that you have memorised it. 

If your password is difficult enough, try to keep it out of reach of unauthorised people. Also do not leave your password in a conspicuous place and do not trust it to third parties. In the future, your payment information will be linked to your personal account. If someone else has your username and password they will be able to use your payment system for their own purposes. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that your account details do not fall into the wrong hands. 

Once you have completed the form and entered the sms — verification of the account is required. 

Verifying your personal account on the Indibet website. 

Few sites offer verification. As a rule, the lack of this feature indicates that the gambling service provider is illegal. Verification requires you to send. Verification is any document with your photo, date of birth, name and surname on it. 

You can as a proof of identity:
  • passport, 
  • driver’s licence, 
  • ID card and so on. 

Once you have sent a photo for verification, wait for confirmation of this procedure. When the verification is complete, you will be notified in your personal cabinet. And it is after this moment you will be able to make bets and withdraw money to your account. An account which has not been verified cannot transfer the winnings. 

Indibet website payment systems.

Indibet bookmaker cooperates with the largest financial transaction service providers. A variety of deposit methods will be available to you: 

  • ecopace, 
  • google pay, 
  • MasterCard and visa, 
  • skrill and neteller. 

Each system has its own minimum deposit limit. All provided payment systems are subject to instant deposit into your account. 

If there are any difficulties during the top-up process, it is usually due to the activity of the payment system. 

Indibet has nothing to do with financial transactions and does not even act as an intermediary. So make sure you fill in your personal details correctly when transferring funds. All these systems have different minimum deposit amounts. 

  • For example, google pay, astra pay, and mastercard and visa have defined a minimum deposit of 100 Indian rupees. 
  • For top-ups by other means, the minimum payment will be 500 Indian rupees. 

Funding of the game account wallet is also possible using cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency account will also be limited to a minimum payment. You can top up your account with cryptocurrency. 

In order to make a deposit using one of the methods of your choice, follow the instructions: 
  • you must first go to the official Indibet website,
  • to log in to the account, 
  • on the home page, select the «deposit» button, 
  • choose a payment system, 
  • enter the deposit amount to be transferred, 
  • confirm the action. 

The funds are then credited to your game account. They are also displayed in your personal cabinet under «account». Once you have done this, you can start managing your game account. Also, don’t forget that when you make a deposit for the first time, you will get a bonus that doubles your game account. Take advantage of it and enjoy all the benefits.

Log in to your personal account. 

When you created your personal account, you made up your username and password. 

That is, you have entered your name and come up with characters for your password. This information is your account credentials and you need to use them in order to log in. 

You can also log in to your personal account via the app. 

In order to log in to your account you must: 
  • on the home page of the official website, go to the «enter» section. 
  • Enter login, enter password. 
  • Confirm your actions. 

You will then be in your personal cabinet and all the features of the Indibet website will be available to you. If this is your first login, remember to activate the promo code for the welcome bonus. Once you have logged in to your personal client cabinet, history, avatar, payment system, previous transaction, do not give your account credentials to anyone. 

Keep your username and password out of the reach of third parties. Also do not use a combination of the same numbers or your date of birth as your password.

Withdrawal of winnings at Indibet. 

Indibet’s website assumes a software that allows you to make fair winnings. If you were able to win cash, then you rightly have the question of withdrawing the money you win. 

We would like to remind you that in order to withdraw your winnings your account must be verified. The verification procedure is a confirmation of the reality of your identity and your personal details. If your account is verified you can withdraw your winnings. 

Use the following instructions: 
  1. log in to your personal account on the website or in the app, 
  2. go to «withdrawal», 
  3. select a payment system, 
  4. determine the withdrawal amount, 
  5. confirm the action.

If you have all the data perfectly, the withdrawal is carried out immediately. If there is any delay in the transfer of funds, it is most likely due to the activity of the payment system. There is also a minimum amount to withdraw and a maximum limit. Pay attention to this. 

If you have problems with depositing or withdrawing money from the game account, you need to contact the technical support team. Below we will tell you how to do it and how to get answers to your questions. 

Bonuses from the Indibet website. 

It’s always nice to receive bonuses and incentives. Indibet is a generous site that gives great bonuses. Already for your first registration you will get a deposit increase. But more about that in detail. 

Types of bonuses: 
  1. welcome bonus on sports betting, 
  2. a welcome bonus for an online casino, 
  3. a bonus for playing patty, 
  4. new player bonus, 
  5. cashback. 

As you can see, the bonus programme is quite varied and affects all categories of users. How to use this or that bonus is considered below. 

Welcome bonus. 

The welcome bonus is a gift for registering a personal account. That is, it is given only once and only at the time of creating an account. Thus, it is only available to new users. The welcome bonus is divided into two types: for sports betting, for online casino. Depending on your preference, you can choose one or the other. Both bonuses imply a double increase in your betting account. 

However, when you activate your sports betting bonus, you must spend it in that direction. That is, exclusively on sports betting. If you activate an online casino bonus, you must spend your points on the entertainment of that category. That is slots, roulette, card games, live casino. In this case, the bonus will be considered played and its conditions fulfilled. 

Always pay attention to the requirement for wagering the bonus. Each bonus may be limited in time and have its own conditions. The conditions may tell us which game to play and what the minimum deposit amount is. So if you break any of the conditions, the bonus will not be applied. 

Bonus in the game of Patti cards. 

This bonus involves making a deposit in order to realise it in a game of three card patty. Payouts for this bonus take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, the conditions are subject to change. Therefore, it is necessary to follow them in the news. New Player Bonus. If you like the online casino and bookmaker Indibet, you can tell your friends about it. There will also be an invitation code in your personal account. By sending this code to a friend, you will invite them to become a member of Indibet. 

If he registers a personal account and deposits within a week, you will be given a bonus for referring a new client. You can send the bonus to more than one friend at a time. Cashback. Cashback — This is a reimbursement of part of the money you spend. Thus, when you activate this bonus, part of the money will be returned to your account. As a rule, it is a percentage of the spent sum of the deposit. 

This is quite a nice bonus. For example, if you play roulette and your balance reaches zero, you can use this bonus.

Indibet bookmaker app. 

The app is software that is installed on your mobile phone. The app can be available for different operating systems. However, the disadvantage of the Indibet app is that it is not installed on the iphone. However, if you have a device on the ios operating system, you can install the app. At the moment can only stop the app on android.

The app has the same full functionality as the official website. The app offers registration, a bonus programme, technical support, deposit and withdrawal of winnings. The design of the app interface is the same as the official Indibet website. The app is designed in the same colour palette as the brand. 

That is, the colour of the app will stick to shades of white, black and blue.

In order to download the app you must: 
  1. go to the official Indibet website, 
  2. enter the «apps» category, 
  3. download. 

Once downloaded, the software needs to be installed or downloaded onto your mobile phone. Once the app has been downloaded, you can log in to your personal account. 

The app adds convenience if you like to switch the game between your PC and your phone.

This way you can play on your computer at home and continue to play on your mobile phone when you need to leave your flat. To log in to your personal account via the app, you will need the same credentials: a login and password. 

You can also use a bonus. Go to the «bonuses» section in your personal area to see all the promotions available to you. 

You can bet on sports without taking a break from your daily routine by using the app. The app solves a number of problems: it saves Internet traffic, it saves time, it is more user-friendly, and it is more convenient to pay. The mobile app works much faster than a website downloaded from a browser. 

This is due to the speed of the mobile phone. Also, in order to interact with the mobile app, less speed and quality of internet connection is required than when browsing on a computer. Hence, the mobile app, for those who don’t want to part with their favourite Indibet casino.

Technical support for Indibet Casino. 

Technical support works to provide help. Technical support is an opportunity to get in touch with a real manager. That is, you can communicate with a real person and ask him or her your questions. Try to be as clear as possible about your question. Better still, try to find a solution yourself. In most cases the problems are not serious. 

And most problems are due to incorrectly entered data. Typically, this could be a typo in your name or password, an extra character, a space, or a misplaced promo code character. Double-check all your details for errors. As a rule, this step removes the issue. But if you entered everything correctly and the problem persists, then you should contact Technical Support. Click on the icon in the bottom right corner of the interface to contact technical support. 

You will be presented with four options for contacting the manager: 
  • telegram, 
  • WhatsApp, 
  • online chat, 
  • mail. 

Choose one of the communication formats and follow the prompts. If you choose the online chat format, you should introduce yourself and enter your phone number. Then write down your question. The customer service managers will only answer questions about the Indibet interaction. Another great feature is the ability to send a picture or a screenshot to customer support. If you have a misunderstanding with the manager, you can take a screenshot. 

This way the technical support operator can see what it looks like on your device.


Where can I find bonuses from Indibet?

After registering an account, under the «promotions» tab

Do I have to verify my account?

Without verification you will not be able to withdraw the money you win.

Is there a minimum deposit amount?

Yes. They are limited to payment systems. From 100 to 500 rupees.